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Mobilize your data like never before with integrations between APN and eCommerce website.
Gain customers, increase sales, ship faster, and make more money.

For a wholesale website, your retailer customers can login and check your new styles along with their availability and place an order immediately. Your customers are encouraged to order more because they are exposed to your styles more often with fast and easy online access.

Information on the website is managed and published from APN. Style information won’t be entered twice. Inventory and availability are synchronized 100% real-time. When a style is no longer available in APN, it is automatically flagged as “sold-out” on the website.

The customer can place an order online with their credit card.
The orders get downloaded to APN automatically and processed along with other orders.

With The Designer Touch

Fully customized themes and professional design to fit your brand’s unique style

Grand Open New Marketplace

FashionTown.com is New Online Wholesale Fashion Marketplace.

Just a few click으로 fashiontown.com 에 제품을 Upload를 하실 수 있습니다.

단지 FashionTown 에 upload만 해 주십시요.

저희가 여러분의 회사와 상품을 소셜 네트 워크등을 통하여 손님들께 널리 알려 드리겠습니다.


FashionTown 을 통하여 들어온 Order 를 결제하실 때 여러분이 사용 하시고 계시는 Merchant (Credit Card 회사)를 그대로 사용 하실 수 있습니다.

현재는 Word Pay와 Heart Land가 연결되어 있으며, 그외의 Merchat 회사는 개발 중 입니다.

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