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Over 20 years of experience

With 20 years of experience, APN Systems (Apparel Net Systems Inc. is the successor of the NewTech Systems) aims to develop innovative problem-solving tools in the apparel industry. Our knowledge and expertise have been applied to solve various problems mainly in production.

APN Systems was founded in 1990 by an ambitious programmer in Los Angeles, California. His passion for apparel production and computer technology introduced several comprehensive and fully integrated production systems. One of them applied the Standard Allow Minute (SAM) idea to apparel production flow, which allowed companies to analyze various production data such as delivery schedule, plant load analysis, and cost/time analysis. This unique system revolutionized the local garment production community at that time.

Additionally, APN provides strong customer service concepts. We offer customizations and modifications to our standard programs to best suit our customer’s needs. Our knowledge and services help customers to overcome various challenges and to maximize profitability. Our ultimate goal is to grow together with our customers.

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2140 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 538
Los Angeles, CA 90006


T. 213. 384. 5727
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We provide the highest quality professional services at an affordable price by using a combination of our experienced IT engineers, network management tools and services; performed over the Internet, on-site or phone to provide troubleshooting, training, support & planning.

From managing single IT projects to providing ongoing maintenance and support, we offer an array of services to help businesses maximize technology and meet strategic goals. With a customized approach for every client, we have the resources to respond to urgent needs, assist with specific strategic projects, or provide proactive troubleshooting and infrastructure management. Our commitment and dedication will lead your business to be a leader of the industry.

Our services are designed to help our customers succeed in their business. We offer a variety of support systems to ensure that our customers take full advantage of our solutions.?

Custom Programming

Customers use their own domain in the APN system, meaning each customer has their own space and data set. Our staff can customize and modify our programs to best suit our customer’s business flow.

Secure Application Hosting

APN provides a secure hosting server free of charge. Our customers save on server hosting costs and maintenance issues.

Affordable leasing program

Our affordable leasing program allows customers to enjoy the full benefits of our software for an affordable monthly fee.

Comprehensive End User Training

Our staff works with customers in a professional manner. They work with owners, the production managers, and the people who use our software on a daily basis. This way, we ensure that our solutions benefit our customer’s business and day-to-day operational issues.

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